What’s Wrong and Who Do I Blame for It? – a paradigm that uses us

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This year, your plans are not going as intended. Your goals, objectives, areas of concern are not being achieved as you thought they would. You suspect it is your employees or managers, unreasonable customers, challenging market conditions, prices skyrocketing, shrinking budgets, hiring freezes are to blame. Ultimately… you blame yourself. Something is wrong and

Multi-Tasking doesn’t work when you have a lot at stake…

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...but when you are on the phone with a friend and doing the laundry at the same time, I do not notice any impact. But, when I am on a company phone conference and I am typing an email, I am not very present to either the cost can be great. It cost me

Why do people do things that are not in their best self-interest?

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Actions & Interests Why do people do really dumb things. You see it daily in the newspaper, on the news, and we know people who take actions that befuddle us completely. We even watch ourselves take actions that in hindsight, made no sense…but we did it anyway. And many of us point to causes

Mission Control Impacts

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What participants have said the Impact Mission Control has had on them   The impact Mission Control has on participants:  Surveys have been done before a program and 6 to 8 weeks after a program. This has shown impact across various types of businesses. The impact has included: * Participants report, on average, saving or

The Power of Context

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The Power of Context What is this? | OK,  you might say a vertical line…but when I say number, now what do you see? |                                 a number one When I say letter…now what do you see? |     

Outstanding Results

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An outstanding result with an International Mining company. An Outstanding Business Outcome for a Large International Mining Company The exploration group of a large international mining company had a total of 60 employees. Each group was subdivided into smaller groups located all over the world. Their job was to explore and locate potential rich ore

Mission Control

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New …Mission Control Productivity and Accomplishment Workshop scheduled in the Denver area – September 23, 24 The Mission Control® Productivity and Accomplishment Workshop is the breakthrough you have been looking for. The Workshop is a two-day course that revolutionizes personal productivity and getting things done. Instead of improved time management techniques, Mission Control® teaches you

Marketing message

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Marketing message: So what is causing my experience of overwhelm, too much to do and stress around getting everything done??? It is not all the stuff on your plate to get done and you are not getting to. It’s not your full email inbox or your messy desk. It’s not even your partner yelling at

This is what people report they see in transforming their organizations

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This is what people report they see in transforming their organizations What is present when Organizational Transformation occurs:  • Accountability, responsibility and collaboration are standard organizational practices • Leadership replaces operating from position and authority, point of view, being controlling, getting what you want • Purpose, intention and created futures replace being organized around circumstance,  and interpretations

Transformed Organizations express themselves

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Transformed Organizations express themselves as:• People coming to work committed to contribute and make a difference and everyone’s contribution matters• People experience that their differences become the foundation for contribution rather than upset• Work on what you want to establish and be responsible for what you are interrupting• Relationships is the source of performance not knowledge•