Why Culture Creation?

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Culture Creation To re-define and establish organizational cultures that take the already successful organization beyond what they consider possible. This provides a new context which produces new organizational realities, organizational disciplines and organizational practices. Provide a roadmap for continued growth and productivity that is change amenable with the rapid changes encountered in today’s demanding

What Real Transformation of Organizations and People are about…

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Real People I found this quote that says it all. When people in organizations have a real transformation (not change!) but an entirely new possibility for a person, group or team shows up, that is what organizational transformation really is about. That is the environment we help create with our clients so they have breakthrough

Why meetings produce little… and what you can do about it.

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What to do about meetings Haven’t you gone to organizational meetings that managers attend in the hope of getting something accomplished, maybe walking away satisfied that projects will move forward, results will be produced and no more sleepless nights to had. However, As a senior executive performance coach, I have heard from many executives

Apple’s Ive says the words we use impacts the pathway you go down…

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Impactful Words “If we’re thinking of lunchbox, we’d be really careful about not having the word ‘box’ already give you  bunch of ideas that could be quite narrow. You think of a box being a square, and like a cube. And so we’re quite careful with the words we use, because those can determine

What makes the difference to learning is…discovering for yourself!

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Discovering For Yourself There are many things you know to do to have results you want. However, having knowledge of those things and what to do, does not guarantee you or others will do them. Understanding Information as information does not guarantee action. Most “how to” books leave you with little, if any, effective