Mission Control Productivity Workshop

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This program is for leaders, managers, groups, teams who have big commitments in life.

Purpose of the program:

The purpose of this program is to experience a new level of focus and energy so you are empowered to be fully present with what is in front of you with less stress and overwhelm regarding everything you have to do and handle in life.

Workshop addresses through interactions, workshop syllabus and separate modules:

  • How to shift from a world of “to many things to do” to conversations to manage and actions to take to move commitments forward
  • Alignment of one’s commitments so that integrity is present (eliminates internal conflict and either/or choices)
  • The importance of your relationship with your word and doing what you say you will do, and the impact your word has on others
  • Integrity as your fundamental relationship with yourself and honoring your chosen commitments
  • Keeping promises and requests so nothing gets dropped out (using computers, tablets, calendars, smartphones, lists etc.)
  • Completing promises and requests (ending just leaving things hanging)
  • Learning new work practices for effective communication, collaboration and action
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness with less of an experience of stress and overwhelm in one’s daily work and personal life

Expected Outcomes:

  • Empowered relationship with your word
  • Return 1 to 4 hours of lost time daily
  • Less stress and overwhelm
  • Tools and techniques for putting the workshop methodology into immediate action
  • Shift in your relationship with your integrated commitments (resolves work/life conflict and life balance issues)
  • Ability to produce results with less effort
  • Increased productivity as individuals, teams and organizations
  • Increased sense of confidence in the face of unexpected demands
  • Support the successful meeting of organizational deadlines
  • People delivering on their goals and objectives both personally and organizationally
  • Being responsible for when they do not deliver on promised actions
  • Reduce the experience of email overload
  • More effective and productive meetings
  • Ability to distinguish activities “doing stuff” from results
  • Increased ability to focus on activities that produce results
  • A new relationship with Multitasking
  • New levels of service delivery to clients

Follow-Up and Performance Support

Even though it is understandable and tempting—is to believe that the workshop is enough. It is not

People often encounter challenges in the form of:

    the environments that the participants return to,

    their own internal conversations,

    their own long-time habits, and

    the expectations of the people they work with.

After a paradigm shift occurs on the first day, and after spending the second day putting Mission Control Productivity into your calendar environment so that you understand how to build it into your operations, we commence two months of behavioral coaching to support the change of mindset that empowers your new, more effective work habits. This performance support delivers significant follow-through value for the long term.

We do some of the follow-up in small groups because experience teaches us that participants learn from each other’s journey and they also create new levels of collaboration.

Over the two months, coaching webinars are scheduled to continue reinforcing the learning’s and supporting the teams. These webinars can be accessed by individuals or small groups, and one-on-one coaching is available.

For details of the program design, please us contact to learn more – 303 666 6852 or click here

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