This is what people report they see in transforming their organizations

This is what people report they see in transforming their organizations

What is present when Organizational Transformation occurs: 

• Accountability, responsibility and collaboration are standard organizational practices

• Leadership replaces operating from position and authority, point of view, being controlling, getting what you want

• Purpose, intention and created futures replace being organized around circumstance,  and interpretations

• Problems are viewed as opportunities to expand results

• Everyone is a natural leader with perceptual and ontological barriers to expressing that leadership

• People are freed up to bring their talents and full effectiveness to work

• Everyone works together to create new futures, to design the future they want

• People are valued and appreciated for their contributions

• Relationships that work is the key to organizational performance

• People are coached and are open to it

• People are free to risk and be creative, innovative, swing out and make mistakes

• Results beyond expectations are produced on a regular basis

• Work is a self-expression and people are passionate about their work

• Being cause in the matter is a place one comes from that allows for power and effectiveness

• Opinions and points of view are less important than taking action to produce results

• People are free to think for themselves and are respected for what they see

• Everyone leaves work knowing they have contributed and made a difference

• Everyone values themselves and each other for what they contribute

• A “can do” spirit prevails and triumphs

• People operate with Integrity (as in your words matching your actions) and when not, they clean up any messes

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